Here are some samples of the work we’ve done over the years. Click on a thumbnail to view the full image.

Hoof crack on a lesson horse. Horse was lame and the foot was very sensitive, but needed to be used for lessons. Started with a bar shoe and a crack repair brace, later switched to a regular shoe with a frog support pad. Pictures from before and after the first shoeing, and after being shod a few times. Note the difference in hoof shape and hoof/pastern angles.

Hind foot shoeing. Horse was overdue, but poorly shod to begin with. Fitted with properly sized and properly positioned shoes.

Front foot of a foundered horse, used a reverse shoe to alleviate pressure on the toe, a 2° wedge to raise the heels, and poured a partial pad on the back part of the foot to provide additional support. Horse also had a large abscess on the toe, towards the lateral part of the foot, that had to be opened up and cleaned.

A few before & after trims on some very overdue horses and a donkey. The main concerns here were to properly balance the feet, correct hoof capsule distortions and hoof/pastern angles, and try to smooth out the edges of the hoof walls to prevent further breakage.